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SmartPath™ System is an economical, eco-friendly solution to controlling foot traffic on construction jobsites.  It is quick, and easy to assemble.  No need skilled labor on this install!  Anyone on the site can install this instant path solution.


Better yet, this building material is re-usable.  Done with the job?  Simply lift the panels and transport to the next site, and reduce your costs in half after only one re-use!


The SmartPath™  recycled rubber bases are made from a sustainable source of recycled crumb rubber from used car and truck tires, diverted from North American landfills.


Keep jobsites organized with a simple SmartPath installation.  Direct foot traffic through the jobsite on the floating lumber path to allow contractors and site managers to control where workers walk throughout the job.

Improve workplace safety by minimizing slippage in changing weather conditions. 

Housekeeping is one of the most accurate indicators of the company's attitude towards production, quality and worker safety. 

The overall look of the SmartPath™ jobsite will be organized and professional, which is especially important in construction sites where clients and potential buyers visit the site. 

It's eco-friendly, re-usable, transportable, and easy to assemble!  Learn more about How it works. →

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